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PeguinoheroPeguino Uno Nano Brick
Peguino Uno  Nano Brick 

This Peguino unit houses and delivers the core control processing unit for your projects. It contains an Arduino Nano (or compatible) Type microcomputer board to control your project.

You can connect it to your computer directly via a USB connection and install your own programs.

[Image: Peguino_Uno_Brick_01b.png]

[Image: Peguino_Board_Nano_01.png]

Technical Specs:

[Image: Nano_Specs_02.png]

DC Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA
Flash Memory 32 KB (ATmega328) of which 2 KB used by bootloader
Flash Program Memory: 32 kbytes
EEPROM Data Memory: 1 kbytes
SRAM Data Memory: 2 kbytes
Clock Speed: 16 MHzA/D Converter: 10-bit Six Channel
I/O Pins: 23
Timers: Two 8-bit / One 16-bit
PWM: Six Channels
MSSP: SPI and I²C Master and Slave Support


In case of failures while uploading a program with the Arduino IDE it might be helpful to unplug Bricks from the Peguino Uno Brick Unit.
In case of problems with the serial monitor after uploading with the Arduino IDE unplug and replug the USB connection.
In case of recognizing the board (probably as unknown) but still failing while uploading try to choose the “old” uplaoder type under: Tools/Processor: and select the old uploader version there.

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