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Peguino Uno Brick, Ports and Connectors
Peguino Uno Brick, Ports and Connectors

The Peguino Uno Brick can house the following boards: Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, ESP 8266, ESP 32.
To house a Arduino Uno the internal PCB board has to be removed. 

If the Brick case contains the Peguino Uno Brick PCB-Board the following boards can be used:
  • Arduino Nano
  • ESP8266
  • ESP32 ( This is the Peguino Uno Brick ESP 32 Development Board V1)
The PCB-Board contains blue Jumper to switch between the boards. More about this see Peguino Uno Brick PCB-Board Rev. 1.2 description:

Note: Numbering is always counter clockwise!

[Image: PeguinoUnoBrick_Ports_02.png]

If you need more information how to install your program on the Peguino Uno Brick see here:

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