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PeguinoheroThe first three steps into Peguino software creation
Your first three steps into Peguino software creation:

1. Connecting your Peguino Bricks together
2. Installation of the Peguino software development tools eg. the Arduino IDE, and Peguino Visuino
3. Creating your own Peguino program and transfer it to your project

The Peguino Uno Brick contains the following connectors:

[Image: PeguinoUnoBrick_Ports_01.png]
To program the board inside the Peguino Uno Brick connect it via the USB Port to your computer. All other ports can be used to connect different types of Peguino Bricks. All ports / connectors are counted counter clockwise as is it usual in electronics. 

Note: Internally the ports and connectors are pre-wired or possibly not. This depends of the Peguino Kit or Peguino Set you own. Of course, you can set your own wires internally.

Step 1: Connect the USB wire to your PC.

Step 2: Follow the instructions at: "The Arduino IDE and Peguino Visuino installation instructions"

Step 3: Follow the instructions at: "How to use the Peguino Uno ESP 32 Board with Visuino"

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